Standard Security Patrol (SSP)
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Standard Mobile (vehicle) Patrol (SMP)
Executive Protection Services (EPS)
VPG propose Standard Security Patrol (SSP) which includes
security officer on the premises performing:
Patrols buildings and grounds to ensure security against fire, theft, vandalism, burglary, illegal entry, and responds to alarms indicating security breaches or fire.
Ensures doors are locked, lights are turned off, and alarms are functioning properly. May open doors after hours to admit uthorized personnel.
Issues parking citations.
Assists other Client personnel in preserving order and decorum at various sites.
Directs the public to appropriate locations; and may escort the public and Client employees.
May maintain records and answer questions.
May make citizen's arrests of persons creating disturbances on Client property.
Prepares and maintains reports documenting shift activity.

For the amount of hours that the agreed upon by both parties for hours, rates and security officers. Hourly rates
Investigations/Background Checks
Safety & Security