Our Services Are #1!
As Vigilant Private Security we protect specific people and property and offer professional services which include the following:

Standard Security Patrol (SSP)
Standard Mobile (vehicle) Patrol (SMP)
Executive Protection Services (EPS)
We can often save you more than the cost of other service. So why not call today?
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Investigations/Background Checks
CCTV Service
Fire Drills Bomb Threats / Suspicious Packages
Crisis Control Work Place Violence
Crowd Control Customer Service / Public Relations
Communications Access Control / Evacuation Procedures
First-Aid / CPR
Guard Selection / Training Process
Prior to working an assignment all guards are screened and hand selected by Vigilant Private Security management.
Once a security officer has been selected to work your property, each guard will complete class room training on the basic instructions for your property. Continuing education is conducted twice per year to ensure that all security officers are completely up to date on your policies, procedures and instructions. Onsite training will be on a consistent basis.
In addition to our regular class room training, all security officers assigned to your property will be trained on how to handle the following situations;
Safety & Security